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March likes: No sugar but a whole lot of sweetness

Friday, 31 March 2017

February dragged on and on and on but now March is gone in a blink. Why is it that all the good warm(ish) months disappear while winter months seem to have no end?

I’m off to some proper sunshine on Monday. For a week I’m just going to eat bread, drink beer and rest from Crossfit and running. Before I start gloating with pretty holiday pics on Instagram though I wanted to share some favourite things from March.

1. The Protein Ball Co. protein balls

I used to love Bounce balls but then got a bit over the fact that they are just gigantic lumps of packed peanut butter and are really hard to chew. Enter cute little protein balls by The Protein Ball Co. – small like truffles, easy to eat, tasty. My favourites – chocolate/goji and peanut butter. The coconut and macadamia ones I find hard to chew.

Peanut Butter Balls • @theproteinballco #peanutbutter #proteinballs #theproteinballco

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2. OPPO ice cream

I stayed away from dairy for a couple of years because I couldn’t quite pinpoint what was giving me stomach issues and messing with my face but now it seems that the culprit is probably sugar and not dairy.

OPPO ice cream is dairy but it’s sweetened with stevia and it’s really creamy and not overly sweet. I have tried a few brands of coconut ice creams – not creamy and too sweet for me.

3. Pandy Sour Plates protein candy

I’m not a candy kind of a gal actually but these little things are so much fun. They’re sweetened with stevia and maltitol, taste like sour Haribos and have BCAAs added in for extra gainz. It just sucks for me that my kids love them too. I do not like to share food.

4. ‘Earth-shattering’ study reveals the best exercise for anti-ageing

Have a read of this interesting article about the benefits of high intensity interval training.

“…this new piece of research highlights that in addition to  public health messages like ‘move as often as possible, a little is better than nothing’, we need to also add ‘aim to huff and puff sometimes’.”

I think running and Crossfit has me covered. I’m going to live forever!

5. Swimming in sunshine again

March has had a couple of sunny Saturdays so I’ve been able to take out my polarised goggles and do laps outside pretending I’m in Australia :)

Underwater selfies 👍🏻 Polarised goggles 👍🏻 Sunshine ☀️☀️☀️ #underwaterselfie

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  • Anna @AnnaTheApple Monday, 3 April 2017 at 12:30

    LOVE the Oppo ice cream. The salted caramel flavour is my favourite but the mint’s pretty good too.
    I’m not big on protein balls and things like that as they feel very calorie dense for such a small amount of food. I like to get a bit more bang for my buck!