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February likes: From milk to cabbage to unicorns to pull-ups

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

I really enjoy reading Anna’s Things I’m Loving Lately posts. I always find something interesting in there and people like Anna I trust – I know that if she likes something, there’s a good chance that she does actually like it and has not been paid to say that she likes it.

From time to time I do similar posts (category: Stuff I Like) and I plan to do one a month from now on. I think it’s a good way to spread the word about some great products but also helps me to appreciate the little things in life.

So here are some of my February likes.

1. Cashew milk

Because almond milk is so 2016.

But seriously, almond milk tastes a bit floury and the unsweetened kind I always used to buy especially so. Cashew milk, however, does not need to be sweetened at all and is naturally sweeter and smoother.

2. Nutri-brex

When we were in Australia in December my gluten-free child really enjoyed weetbix type of cereal made from sorghum. Australia is really good with gluten free products and it was really easy to spot in the supermarket.

A few weeks ago I found the same exact thing here in London and my kid and I are both happy as :) Sorghum’s apparently nutritionally similar to oats and it does not upset his digestion so he’s stoked.

3. Tikiboo unicorns & rainbows leggings

I do not know anyone who’s into fitness who does not love funky leggings. My latest ones are from Tikiboo, they are only £34 and have a nice high waist and a drawstring at the top.

Sneak peek #17point1 #excited #crossfitopen2017

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5. JAW grips

I love pull ups but if the volume is high, my palms rip. I’ve been playing around with these fabric grips from JAW (sent to me by the lovely folk at Crucial Fitness who sell loads of JAW stuff here in the UK – JAW is an Aussie brand) and I’ve figured out that the trick to make sure they’re not slippery is to chalk them generously both on top and in between your hand and the protector.

5. Yellow nails

These were inspired by the leggings above. They’re Opi gel and the colour is called Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet. I’m a foreigner here in London so one could call me an ‘exotic bird’ but I definitely tweet :)

5. Sauerkraut with juniper berries

I eat this with most of my meals these days. Seriously delicious. Just cabbage, salt and juniper berries (which have thankfully been picked out) ((they are hard little buggers in case you didn’t know)).



That’s all for now. Tomorrow I’ll start collecting my March likes already and the main one will be that it will be MARCH! #springcantcomesoonenough

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  • Anna @AnnaTheApple Thursday, 2 March 2017 at 13:34

    Ahh glad you liked my post and that you’re doing your version. I love reading these sorts of posts because, like you say, you trust the blogs you read and value their opinion.
    I’ve been really tempted by the cashew milk. I’ve also heard it foams up better as well. Definitely need to try it!