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Tuesday, 24 January 2017
Hot and spicy parsley pesto

It’s seriously cold outside right now. Lots of people say that I should be used to cold because I’m from Estonia but it doesn’t actually work like that. I am not used to cold and I can’t stand it.

Moaning aside, there are ways to get warm from the inside even if the air is freezing – exercise for one (try Bikram yoga if you really need to defrost for a while) but also spicy food.

I went to Health Bloggers Community catch-up/networking event on Saturday and Abel&Cole had made the best freaking HOT pesto I have ever tasted.

I took a bite and my body was tingling with heat from the inside for a quite a while afterwards. Trippy.

When I went home I immediately busted open the pesto kit that was in my goodie bag and bashed out a batch of it myself. I found the quantity of parsley in my kit to be a little too little for the amount of garlic in there so my modified recipe would go something like that.

Hot stuff parsley pesto

2 bunches of parsley
1/2 – 2/3 of a garlic bulb
1 inch of ginger
1 inch of turmeric
1 red chili
4 tbsp of olive oil
pinch of salt

Since everyone’s chili and garlic tolerance is different, play around with the quantities. Mix up some in a food processor, have a taste and then add whatever stuff that is missing or whatever is needed to balance out the heat. In other words – use my preferred method of cooking which is called Winging It.

I have added it to chicken and to fish. You can also add it to soups or just eat it as a dip.

If you want to, you can order the pesto kits from Abel&Cole.

Disclaimer: Abel & Cole did not pay me to write this post and they probably don’t know I’m writing it. I just really like this pesto.

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  • Lola Bellouere Tuesday, 24 January 2017 at 17:05

    This sounds lovely.. although I am so wet when it comes to hot food my chili count would be low lol x

    • MrsB Friday, 27 January 2017 at 09:10

      Chili tolerance can be increased :) Just add a tiny bit to begin with.