10 best things about Australia

Monday, 11 January 2016

I’m only an adopted Aussie but I can’t decide these days which country I love more – the one that raised me or the one that I found later in life.

Here are, in no particular order, my favourite things about the land down under:

1. Mangoes


If you haven’t tasted a mango in a sunny country where it’s grown locally, you have not tasted a mango. The things in European supermarkets that are labelled mangoes, are not mangoes.

2. Swimming pools


My local one in Canberra

Of course there are many beautiful beaches in Australia but the sea water is very salty and waves are huge so I actually prefer to swim in a pool.


My local one in Sydney

3. Wildlife


Sydney wildlife – Ibis

Most wildlife you see is cute and cooky. Sometimes you see other things – blue bottles on the beach (poisonous and not cute), redback spiders in your back garden (poisonous and not cute), brown snakes in the bush (poisonous and definitely not cute), but I’ve never seen anything else dangerous (giant huntsman spiders and blue-tongue lizards might look like it but they’re not).


Canberra wildlife – Roos

Kangaroos actually can be dangerous. Don’t try to pat them.

4. Not taking life too seriously


Aussies do banter very well, even on the news. I also love the way they abbreviate everything and how they get to work early so they have more time to ‘play’ in the afternoons.

5. Sunshine


No explanation needed. Best thing ever. Just use SPF50 and a hat.

6. Sunsets




7. Gelato


All the genius gelato masters of Italy have emigrated to Australia. You can find gelato everywhere and everywhere it’s amazing.



Fish wrapped in bacon :D

No pale brown farmed salmon here. Fish comes from the ocean and the variety and taste is exceptional.

9. Coffee

This is actually hot chocolate but I just didn't take any photos of coffee this time!

This is actually hot chocolate but I just didn’t take any photos of coffee this time!

Starbucks came to Australia once. They opened up cafes left, right and centre but Aussies rejected their awful brown watery mess and Starbucks soon packed up their bags, left the country and has never returned.  There are a few café chains in Oz but coffee mostly comes from great independent cafes.

10. Being really far away


See? – Faaaaaar away.

So much shit is going on in the world these days – Europe, Middle East, Africa, USA (Trump!). In Australia I really felt the distance from all this, I felt safe. In London I sadly don’t feel that safe.

Only 12 more months to wait until the next visit.


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