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June in pictures

Friday, 3 July 2015


Summer has come and my solar powered brain is pretty happy right now. Since there’s so much to do outside and away from the keyboard, not much blogging is happening.

Follow me on Instagram (or Twitter or Facebook) for your daily dose of Mind over Matter :)  Here’s a bit of what’s been happening:


I tried out Tempo Pilates (if you haven’t tried it – it’s an absolute ab killer)


Bouldering every Saturday morning as usual:

Went out last night so bouldering today was a bit tough Still bagged some good ones though and had fun. A photo posted by Mrs B (@mrsb_london) on


My oldest son completed his first triathlon and may have made me just a little bit tricurious:

He wasn’t fast but he did it all with a smile :) #triathlon

A photo posted by Mrs B (@mrsb_london) on


A few weight lifting PBs for me!

I sing while I deadlift. Don’t you?? A photo posted by Mrs B (@mrsb_london) on


Dinners are mostly salads now until September. Just because who wants to be cooking hot stuff when it’s hot outside??


Had my hair cut off. All of it.


Went to the Paleo Supper Club

Beautiful, delicious and healthy food last night at #paleosupperclub organised by @wonderwomanworkshopsuk

A photo posted by Mrs B (@mrsb_london) on


Ran the Nike 10km race with some great friends and at somebody else’s pace for a change:

10km done. Lots of ☀️☀️☀️ #werunlondon @wonderwomanworkshopsuk A photo posted by Mrs B (@mrsb_london) on


Friends. BBQs. Cold drinks. #summer

Sundays. ❤️

A photo posted by Mrs B (@mrsb_london) on


Still working on my freestanding handstands. Mental. Hard. But I will not give up. 

Best one today :) #handstand A video posted by Mrs B (@mrsb_london) on


Outside swimming. Need I say more?


First ever park run


And wearing short shorts while I can :)

I wish I could run in short shorts. But since I can’t I’m putting them on just to walk to the pool :)

A photo posted by Mrs B (@mrsb_london) on


Love summer.

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  • Anna @AnnaTheApple Monday, 6 July 2015 at 13:44

    Looks like a busy and fun June :-)
    Well done to your little boy on his tri! How amazing.