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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Last night I attended a bloggers’ event that involved megapower juicers from Currys, a nutrition presentation by Derry Temple from Temple Training and a very sweaty 30 min conditioning class at the Urban Kings gym.


The goods waiting to be blitzed

I have not been to a PR organised bloggers event before so it was very interesting to see how they are run and what they’re all about.  The main thing, I think, is that they’re all about bringing bloggers of a similar niche together – to chat, to laugh, to have fun and (hopefully) get inspired about blogging and the wider blogging world in general.  There was (thankfully) very little full-on promoting of the juicers – there was however lots of beautiful fruit and veg to throw into the machines and let the machines do the ‘talking’.

The presentation about the positive AND negative aspects of juicing was nice and brief and covered all the basics.  It could have been more in depth – for example, since everyone in the audience was into fitness, I would have liked to hear more about the benefits of consuming a lot of vegetables and fruit with antioxidants for muscle recovery… or for other benefits to do with sports performance.

I was happy that Derry talked about using mainly vegetables when juicing but it would have been interesting also to hear what kind of juices would be best for pre-workout and what kind for post workout – the whole carbs / protein ratio thing.


For some reason not many people went for the cabbage :)

For my juice I blitzed up cucumber, spinach, broccoli, pineapple, a whole lime and a few carrots. I added a scoop of plain whey protein powder and it tasted very nice – I have never tried juicing broccoli before but with a bit of lime and pineapple the veg taste is not overpowering at all.

Once we had made the drinks we headed over to the Urban Kings gym to do a crazy 30 minute conditioning/circuits class. I love this kind of stuff, I love to sweat so much that it’s dripping off me and I am used to the smell of sweat (Bikram, Crossfit, I’m looking at you ;) so I was totally in my element.

Group 1 before getting sweaty

Group 1 before getting sweaty

Ideally it would have been great to have spent a bit more time on just how to do each exercise – not everyone knows how to clean a sandbag (and I’m not talking about getting rid of dirt on it) or how to do shoulder to overhead press with kettle bells or how to do a proper goblet squat or a lunge.  Crossfit has made me a bit anal about form, but thankfully the weights were very light so there was little chance of anyone injuring themselves due to bad form.  It looked like everyone had a great time and enjoyed getting sweaty at 9pm in full view of a boxing ring full of topless men in boxing gloves ;)

After the workout we grabbed our smoothies and that was that! I loved seeing quite a few familiar faces and saying hi to Helen, Lenka, Leah, Stephanie, SpeedyBecs, Samantha, Haydn and Beki.

I don’t think I will be buying a juicer any time soon though ;) – they take up a lot of room and I’m happy with making smoothies and consuming all of the fruit and veg and not just the juice.  I am, however, tempted to try out some boxing at Urban Kings even though I don’t know if my life has room for another fitness addiction!


Heading home. Everyone’s happy (if not a little hungry though as fitness chicks are used to eating solid food as well as juices/shakes/smoothies before and after working out)

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  • MrsB Wednesday, 23 July 2014 at 18:37

    I would alternate between something with non-dairy milk and berries and maybe oats and a veg one with lots of greens – spinach, lettuce, cucumber, avocado, lime. Kale, broccoli or celery are a bit too rough for smoothies in my opinion :| What do you chuck in yours at the moment?