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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Since I absolutely cannot concentrate on anything at the moment and am just thinking “marathon marathon marathon, must be ready for marathon, what to pack for marathon, what to eat before marathon…”   I thought I’d just share with you some inspiring posts that I’ve read in the last week.  Enjoy :)

The one about body image | Blog: 2 stars and a swirl
Prior to the last 6 months, the main place I would look at images of other women was in crappy celebrity magazines.  And although they are full of so and so has got fat (they haven’t) so and so has lost their baby weight 27 minutes after giving birth (they didn’t, well maybe only if in those 27 minutes a surgeon helped.)
And then I started using the health & fitness boards on Pinterest, and this is where I first saw about Crossfit. …

Some thoughts on women, sport and running | Blog: Diaries of a Marathon Widow
A few things caught my attention on the world wide web this week. One was Paula Radcliffe’s announcement about her retirement and some of the misinformed and ignorant comments about this (Sarah at Goldilocks Runs did an excellent post about this on her blog, here).
Another was an initiative to encourage more women into sport (cycling, specifically). I don’t want to sound like I’m betraying my feminist sensibilities, but I found some of the dialogue around this a bit patronising and disingenuous. …

12 tips for running a marathon and maybe not hating it completely | Blog: Super generic girl
I didn’t have the absolutely perfect first marathon experience. Things went well and I finished it but not without an injury that has put me off running for most of the last 3 weeks (almost back, running shoes, I swear!). This means I probably shouldn’t be giving you advice on marathon training, right? Well, wrong. This is the internet. Anyone can have an opinion. Knowing what we’re talking about is irrelevant.
I’ve read approximately a bazillion words on the internet and in books about how to train for a marathon and how to go from wanting to run a marathon to actually doing it so, for lack of anything more interesting to say, here’s a bit of a compilation of stuff I figure is pretty important when trying to tick this item off the bucket list. …

The Fine Line: Women, Exercise and Food | Blog: Run Mummy Run
Women, exercise and food. These three things have a pretty complex relationship. Women seem to be the biggest target for anything relating to weight loss and fat loss. The best exercises being touted and the best fat busting diets being advocated.  We tend to have a complex relationship with food. It is guilt, it is comfort, it is indulgence. Food can never be what it is: fuel. This is the same for women who exercise. Despite the effort we go to in trying to be healthy or in trying to challenge ourselves the question of what we should be eating hangs over us. Too much fat? Too many carbohydrates? Not enough protein? Too much sugar. Food, exercise and guilt become intertwined and it can become a minefield when all you want to do is eat the right thing. …

A weighty issue | Blog: From Snickers to Marathon
Last week I completed the Brighton Half Marathon and as always after my races had a photo take of me posing proudly with my medal. When I posted this on Facebook and Twitter I got lots of really lovely responses saying how great I was looking. A few people asked me how much weight I’d lost. I thought it would be interesting to compare my 2013 photo with the one from the year before to see if there was much difference. Turns out there is a fair amount! …

The Best Low-Carb Protein Wraps in the World – the Red Pepper Edition | Blog: Protein Po(w)der
Yesterday marked the fifth of my Propane Fitness workouts and I made these wraps to celebrate, well, to celebrate and to fall within the post-workout macros suggested by my program ;-) Propane’s Ben wrote it and it’s so far been amazing. He’s a wizard. A beast. A bona fide DOMS-weaver! I couldn’t be happier. I mean, seriously, what’s not to love about intelligently-designed strength training programs combined with functional food deliciouness!? Boom! Smash! KapOW! :-D …

Why some people stay skinny and others get fat | Blog: The Science of Human Potential
…Eat whole unprocessed foods; low carb, leafy vegetables, moderate protein, high fat and you will avoid the insulin peaks and eventual dysregulation.  Eat the carbs, send insulin way up and suffer the consequences of metabolic dysregulation. Fat burning shuts down,energy out shuts down.  Fat storage goes up….

All of these posts have encouraged me to push this health and fitness journey of mine further AND to throw away my scales because the number on them does NOT indicate how fit I am :)

What’s inspired you this week?

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  • Donna D Friday, 5 April 2013 at 12:55

    Thanks so much for sharing this, I saw your link on Twitter. I clicked through because I love posts when people share not only what’s going on with themselves, but also what they find interesting. Good luck with Paris – one of my favourite cities to run in – and see you in May at Write This Run!
    Donna D recently posted…Racing as a Physically Challenged AthleteMy Profile