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Marathon training: Week 2 of the 4 weeks in between

The week after Paris marathon I ran a total of 6.75km. I wasn’t sore but we stayed in Paris and walking around with kids every day was exhausting (and time-consuming) enough.

Last week, however, was a regular marathon training week – I am after all meant to run the Milton Keynes marathon on 5th of May :| …

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The brain that fails me

The night before my birthday I stayed up until 4am. Sounds fun and exciting if I just say it like that but the truth is that I wasn’t out having a good time, I had a visit from good old friend Insomnia again.

I hadn’t had that much coffee that day and over the last several weeks I’ve been drinking mostly decaf anyway, so I got confirmation that my insomnia has nothing to do with caffeine. Instead, the lyrics of “I’ve got 99 problems but the *caffeine* ain’t one” kept running through my head.

Thank g*d it’s not the coffee though, right? Coffee is like manna from heaven and decaf, even the best kind, tastes a bit weird :|

But back to insomnia – it sucks. We’ve only seen each other on and off for a few months, but I’m not in love. I want to break up. …

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Chocolate biscotti (sugar & gluten free)

Sugar and gluten free chocolate biscotti

The kids are on school holidays for almost the 3rd week and I haven’t been at work for 5 days. The deep and meaningful posts will resume once the holiday chaos is over and there’s routine back in my life.

For now I’ll share a recipe for something sweet although I realise that everyone has probably overdosed on chocolate today and the last thing you want to do is to bake. Just bookmark this page for next week :) …

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A week in Paris: reflecting on the 26.2 and letting chocolate back in my life

It’s been 8 days since I ran my second marathon. As much as it was such a tough run I’m amazed that I did not feel sore at all afterwards. Yesterday I went for a short 6.5km run and whereas the legs felt a little stiff to begin with, they loosened up after a few km and felt good.

In a way I still feel like I totally blew Paris. That I could have / should have run faster. But my rational brain tells me I cannot compare running a marathon in 10°C to running a marathon in 20°C. So I will not moan on and on about this and will move on :) …

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Almonds for atheletes

This week I’m taking tapering very seriously – I exercise very little, I had The World’s Best Nap on my (Wednes)day off work and I eat a lot (of good quality food).

My main carbo loading foods are sweet potatoes and rice, but I also eat loads of veg and protein at the moment and I snack on almonds like there’s no tomorrow.

Almonds are high in calories but when marathon training one does not have to think about calories, other than Give-Me-All-the-Calories! And we all know by now that it’s not the amount of calories that really matters for your health, it’s the source of those calories and the nutrients in them that matter. …

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Reflecting on the good

Thank you so much to everyone who read my emotional blog post yesterday and either commented or sent me emails and/or messages. It was actually amazingly instantly healing to realise yet again that a) life is not easy for anyone b) I am not alone in having these feelings and b) there might be other options for tackling this other than medication again.

Whereas I see that life as a parent and an adult is not just fun, fun, fun and “pure joy” for anyone (other than those parent bloggers whose lives do seem to be all about rainbows and unicorns), I do feel that I’m feeling ‘off’ right now and that it’s not just the case of being a stressed parent of two little kids. …

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Marathon training – Week 13: The legs are happy it’s taper time

Now let’s talk about something more fun than PND – my first marathon in 2014 is in 6 days! I’m cool, calm and collected. Kind of :)

My calves and shins have actually been really tight and almost painful all week so I’m running very little this week, just two 8km runs, and will be stretching every night.

It is not a nice feeling when your legs below knees are heavy as bricks and you cannot run fast at all. I know it’s all about stretching though, and I have a sports massage booked for Wednesday. Cool & calm. Cool & calm….

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The Aftermath of Mothers’ Day

It’s been long time coming. I exercise like a crazy woman, I eat well, I get more sleep than I did for years but I have to face the fact that this PND is not behind me. Or maybe the PND is, but what’s here to stay is the D.

It doesn’t manifest itself in not being able to get out of bed or crying or feeling lost and lonely. In fact in many situations I feel great, especially when I’m exercising (serotonin, hello!) BUT if I look at my life in general – a lot of things annoy me. Just annoy me so much I don’t recognize myself… Everything my mother does. Even some things my husband does (like breathing louder than silently at night). A lot of things my kids do. Even people on the street annoy me for wearing weird clothes or talking too loud on the phone.

This is not normal. I know that. …

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Marathon training – Week 12: It’s the final count-down!

My 37km/23mile run on Wednesday was nice and mostly uneventful. My stomach started to ache a little bit towards the end of it and that means I need to be super super clean about my eating from now until the Paris Marathon (that for me means no sugar and no gluten). I also ran out of water in my Camelback after 30km and as a result was crazy thirsty for the rest of the day. I didn’t want much food at all, just water and coconut water. …

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